A message from the founder, Christal Keyes-Pretlow.

The struggles of academic success hit home for our family. We know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to watch a child struggle educationally and their confidence and will power slowly deflate. We spent money on tutors for homework help, but realized more was needed. This was one of the most painful things I have experienced and I begin to blame myself. After talking with other parents we soon found we were not alone. Like us, most parents think their child needs a tutor. If applied correctly the tutoring method can help students become successful in particular subjects, but after research and interviews we discovered many students need more than just homework help. We have learned and grown to understand that some students need coaches, not just a tutor. Coaches provide a holistic well rounded all-encompassing support system for students to improve the entire overall learning experience.

We utilized this challenge as an opportunity to help our community face this issue together. Having put together several mentoring type coaching programs within the financial industry (one within the #1 bank in the nation), I knew I could be of service. People all over the world, in multiple professions and industries are recognizing the benefits of coaches in their pursuit of career and life goals. Many CEOs and top business executives find that coaches can give them the edge necessary to manage successfully when the stakes are very high. So if coaching gives CEOs their edge for success, then the same strategies should be employed to help students successfully manage their studies, and help them reach their full potential too.

We believe Ruth’s Learning Center is a critical and highly effective part of the solution as our coaching method embraces the development of routines and tools that increase efficiency and productivity to successfully accomplish specific tasks and goals for each student.

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