Our Services

Ruth’s Learning Center provides homework assistance in a wide range of academic subjects. Our coaches provide a holistic support system to help students improve their learning experience, focusing on a format of learning which encourages positive habits in the classroom, at home and in between. We promote the well being of each student as a whole person, not simply by improving studying habits but by incorporating positive lifestyles, as well. Tutoring/Coaching – Sessions can be set up as individual or student groups. Individual sessions offer comprehensive assistance, however group sessions can also be beneficial creating team-based participation. Preparation for Academic, ACT and SAT Testing – Our coaches work to create the best plan for each student based on their exact test needs and score goals. GED Preparation – We offer GED sessions to help prepare students for the GED test. Our sessions emphasize the reading, writing and/or math skills necessary to pass the new GED examination. Supplementary: We provide a healthy snack for every student, boosting their attention span, concentration, and memory. We host year round positive interactive workshops including Interpersonal Skills/Coping skills/Anger Management, Drug Awareness, Cyber Security & Safety and more! Onsite counseling is available for students that may need help overcoming problems that impede their learning and social growth, and to personally and directly assist in preparing them to make life decisions. Outreach: Ruth’s Learning Center joins forces with other community advocates to harvest the onsite Community Garden. This community initiative celebrates diversity while creating opportunities for people to work together and learn from each other, about gardening, and food preparation. Further, our students have the unique opportunity to learn about practical math skills, business principles, stewardship and life skills. We continue to host community events that provides healthy eating and environmental education. Grades/Age Groups: Ruth’s Learning Center serves 1st through 12th grades. We also serve all persons trying to obtain their GED.